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Acadware is an All-in-one Sports Management Software Platform for Academies, Clubs, Associations to coordinate Administration, Coaching, Athlete Development and Scouting activities.

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  • Web App
  • Mobile App
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Acadware wanted to stand out amongst the competition with their new website and app for sports academies. We designed a unique theme for them using the pinnacle of sport – The Olympics as an inspiration.
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Web App

The web app has been designed primarily for the Sports Academy admin. The dashboard is intuitive and displays key metrics graphically. The navigation has been designed so that any information required by the admin is just one click away.

Mobile App

The mobile app is targeted towards sportsmen. Key information and communication tools are laid out on the opening screen in a simple and easily accessible way. The app has different versions depending on the features available with each version having a unique design theme.

iPad App

The app is designed to be responsive and adapts seamlessly across all smart devices. Cross platform compatibility has also been built into the app design.
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Custom Apps

Custom white label apps were also designed in case the end user wanted to leverage their own branding.


Standardised email templates were designed to generate awareness and drive quality traffic to the client’s website using mass email marketing tools.